Metaverse DAO

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  • Defi 3.0 FaaS project - that stands for Farms-as-a-Service
  • 3% ETH rewards claimable on our dApp
  • Community decides how the treasury will be used. Low, Medium, High Risk APY.
  • A percentage of each transaction is allocated towards treasury

OFFICIAL CONTRACT: 0x353e41e66f58ce91d07d778520685473f38a7125

Official TG admin account: @JamesMDAO

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What is Metaverse DAO?

Metaverse DAO is a revolutionary Farm-as-a-Service project
that operates on the Ethereum Chain. The project is
designed to allow users to passively earn rewards from yield
farming across various networks.

The project is designed in a way that allows users to passively earn yield in the form of reflections from a token tax that will also fund the project’s treasury wallet, which is then used to generate yield across different blockchains.

$MDAO will be the reserve currency on Ethereum. In order to maintain price stability Metaverse DAO will use the Reserve Currency algorithm and will also be supported by other decentralized assets.

Metaverse DAO is focused on long term and profitable treasury fund allocation. Our mission is to use treasury funds allocated from users towards NFT Game development, 3D & Metaverse VR Games, along with investing directly into teams and corporations that have a long term vision on Metaverse games and P2E! This will be achieved through community voting as per majority decisions made by Metaverse DAO members.

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How Metaverse DAO works

Treasury Revenue

Liquidity Pool fees and Bond sales increase the treasury revenue, and lock in liquidity and help to control supply.

Treasury Growth

Treasury inflow is increasing the Treasury Balance and backs outstanding $MDAO tokens and regulates staking APY.

Staking Rewards

Compounds yields automatically through a treasury backed token with intrinsic value.



Staking yields can wildly fluctuate across various networks and protocols requiring active participation to maximize profits. Metaverse DAO seeks to make these profits more accessible by allowing investors to access these yields simply by holding $MDAO.

Funds will be taken from the treasury wallet to stake across various networks as suggested by Metaverse DAO governance, with rewards returned automatically to the dividends pool for investors to claim.

Governance will dictate minimum/maximum yield rates for existing pools to continue stakes or to re-invest from other pool allocations.

All transactions will be displayed on the relevant pool in the dApp.

Your Rewards

0.00148892114 ETH
Rewards to date
0.01051481803 ETH
APY% (Estimated 30 days)


Token Distribution

ETH reflections that are performed on every transaction with yields returned as ETH, with exponential reflections supported in our native token through the dApp.

A non-inflationary token with buyback and burns automatically triggered by transactions.

Each token provides an equal proportion of DAO governance, the more invested you are in the token the greater your ability to recommend and enforce investing guidelines

CA: 0x353e41e66f58ce91d07d778520685473f38a7125

Total Supply


Treasury Tax


Marketing Tax


Dev. Tax


dApp Claim ETH


Our primary focus is to grow the staking pool and engage investors with our DAO.

Metaverse DAO launch

Treasury staking live

App live

Marketing operation initiates

April 2022

October 2022

Dapp UI : Swap, Staking Pool, Liquidity, Limit, Farms, Lottery, Prediction.

Marketing operation initiates

Launch of DAO (governance) and first votes

Listing on Centralized Exchanges

Further partnerships


Q4 2022

2023 and beyond

Metaverse DAO BANK

Rebranding of Metaverse DAO

General cross-chain expansion
NFT drop (MDAO cards)

Metaverse DAO BRIDGE

Metaverse DAO LAUNCH: launchpad to incubate innovative start-ups

Exchange listings

Public figures join signatory board
Metaverse PRO (protocol owned liquidity-as-a-service)

Cross Chain liquidity

Expansion of the Metaverse 
In-person events

meet the future

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