Smart Contracts
Verification Audit

MDAO provides a highly accurate verification auditing service for Smart Contracts – Identifying risks and vulnerabilities in the code’s logic, ensuring that the program works as intended, and reporting recommendations on how to remediate errors.

security audit

Smart Contract Verification Audit


Identify Vulnerabilities

Check your smart contract by MDAO experts and identify errors and vulnerabilities.


Logical Analysis

Exhaustive logical and mathematical analysis to ensure the code works as intended.


Contract Verification

Prove your smart contract code is secure and correct by receiving a formal MDAO verification score.

Verification Process

The Smart Contract verification audit is done in 5 simple steps


Share your source code


Receive a quote


Initiate contract audit


Receive suggestions and error remediation


Complete Smart Contract verification - Deliver report

Why Choosing MDAO?

Metaverse DAO is trusted as a recommended blockchain and smart contract audit provider with experience conducting audits over all major protocols.

MDAO security verification audit platform evaluates smart contracts for vulnerabilities and certifies their behavior with respect to a custom function specification, to make sure the contracts works as indented and provide the community with professional report of new smart contracts. 

Trustable expertise on Smart Contract verification

Professional and highly accurate verification auditing

Logical and mathematical approach to ensure contracts work as intended

Preventing rug pulls and honeypots for the safety of all the blockchain community

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